Field cricket on a white background

How Cricket Season Can Attract Wildlife to Your Home

In early August, as summer comes to a close and autumn is fast approaching, Central Texas becomes captive to swarms of insects. These intruders, commonly known as black field crickets or simply, field crickets, congregate by the thousands for their annual mating ritual. Although the seemingly biblical event may leave visitors awestruck, inhabitants of the area are less than thrilled about the yearly infestations and the wildlife predators the pests attract.

Raccoon in wild

How to Report a Rabid Animal

If you live in Austin, TX you may have recently heard about the two rabid raccoons found in North Austin in April this year. When multiple cases are reported within a close timespan there may be an outbreak of rabies in the area, since it is a very contagious virus. Raccoons specifically can carry their own version of the rabies virus.

A side-by-side comparison of a mouse and a rat.

Rats vs. Mice

Mice and rats are annoying. They are a serious health issue, carrying dozens of diseases at a time. Rats can contaminate roughly ten times the amount of food they can consume, too. Both rats and mice present a public health concern and need to be dealt with quickly by a qualified rat removal team. Despite their perceived similarities, mice and rats are quite different. To get rid of both species, you will need vastly different tactics to succeed.

An unfinished house attic.

Types of Damage From Animals in The Attic

Animals get in attics. Critter Ridder takes care of so many cases where, somehow, an animal, flying or otherwise, has gotten into an attic. It’s much more common than you would think, yet people still get surprised when it happens. We can’t blame you. It’s not very often that we’re face to face with a bat or some other wild animal in our own homes. You still need to be educated on what can happen if this happens to you.