house lizard hiding in wall

What To Do About House Lizard Eggs

House lizards can sometimes find their way into your house, especially if you live in the state of Texas. Two common species of lizards have been identified, one of which is the common house gecko. You can recognize the house gecko with its bulging eyes and sticky toe pads, allowing them to climb on walls. These critters could grow up to 5 inches long.

Dog sitting in grass

Does Having Pets Attract Critters to Your Home?

Pet owners know the importance of keeping their animals separate from wild critters, both for the safety of their own animals and outdoor-dwellers alike. In order to maintain a responsible environment, pet owners should be aware of these key points. Understanding these can preserve the ecosystem and keep animals on both sides of the spectrum safe and happy.

Bird's nest in a tree

When to Remove a Birds Nest

Birds are extremely busy in the springtime and have the job of mating, nest building and raising their young all in a few months time. It is important to pick the right time to remove a bird’s nest because you do not want to disrupt the development of the chicks or have to deal with their relocation.

mouse in the wall of a home

Identifying Dead Animals in Your Walls and Home

With the wide range of animals in the Austin area, it is common for some critters to find shelter in attics, subfloors, and walls in homes. When you do hear an animal in your home, it is important to get it removed quickly because the critter can get stuck in small place and die.

The smell of a dead animal is unmistakable, but it can be difficult to pinpoint where in your home the animal died. Animal removal experts will be able to pinpoint where the animal has trapped itself, and how to best remove it.

Raccoon on a bird feeder

How to Keep Raccoons From Using Your Doggie Door

Having raccoons enter your home is more than just a nuisance, it can be a health hazard as well. Raccoons are known to carry a number of harmful diseases, including salmonella, roundworms, and other disease-causing bacteria. They can also pose a danger to your pets and family that happen to be in the home. Fortunately, there are some simple and straightforward ways to stop raccoons from using the doggie door as their own personal entrance into your house.