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Having unwanted critters in your house is a bad idea for a lot of reasons, not the least of which is the fact that an unwelcome animal can be dangerous. No matter how you discovered your uninvited guest, you will undoubtedly want to get rid of it as soon as possible in order to protect your family and your home. Critter Ridder Texas wants to help, and we have a team of expert animal removal specialists ready to help you accomplish the task.

The Risks

While some of the creatures that end up in your attic or chimney may seem rather harmless, any creature that is living in your home poses a threat to your house, your family or both. Bat urine and guano can be toxic, for example, and nearly every wild animal can potentially spread harmful diseases to humans. Rats are likely to chew through wiring, and infestations of any animals can easily clog a vent or a chimney. These unwanted and unwelcome creatures are more than a nuisance; they are likely to leave destruction of some sort behind even after you have gotten rid of them.

The Assessment

The first step in getting rid of any unwanted animals from your home is to assess where they are living and how they got there. Sometimes there is an obvious answer, but often it takes an expert to examine the gutters, eaves, attics and various nooks and crannies of your house. The primary source of entry for most critters is a rotten spot which is hidden from view until someone with experience in animal removal knows where to look. Other typical spots through which creatures can gain admittance into a house include roof vents, chimneys or louvered vents. We know the right places to look, and we will find them for you.

The Removal

Removing live animals from a house is generally done one of two ways. One way is to trap the animals and the other is to make them leave the house on their own. Trapping alone is not always the most effective way. This method is also relatively ineffective at removing all of the creatures, including mates and babies, at the same time. The more effective method is that which is practiced by the experienced animal removal professionals at Critter Ridder. Instead of using poisons or traps, we use humane methods such as hormones, static noise and lights to attract the creatures outside of the house where they can be trapped and taken to safe living environments away from humans. These methods lure animals along with their mates and babies out of the house, and have been shown high success rates in eliminating the animals from inside your home or attic.

If you suspect you have a dead animal somewhere in your home or on your property, Critter Ridder’s professionals know the most likely places to look for them, which are generally tight spaces, small cracks or other out-of-the way spots in your home. Wherever the carcasses are, the Critter Ridder professionals will find them.

The Repair

The job is not finished until the entry spots have been sealed or repaired. Once the creatures have left the house, the Critter Ridder experts will identify and eliminate the entry spots and seal or patch them as necessary. If anything has to be cut or removed while removing a dead animal, our animal removal specialists will make the repairs on the spot.

The Guarantee

Critter Ridder of Texas offers its valued customers a one-year warranty. This one-year warranty is designed to save you the expense of another visit in case you are again visited with creatures looking for a place to nest, since the animals’ instincts lead them to do this each year. We will stay with you until the creatures are gone and the job is completed.

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Birds & Bats

Birds and bats may not carry the same health risks as rodents, but they can still disrupt your life and cause property damage. Birds are known to build nests in the crevices of your home, and bats can easily break into attics, basements, and sheds.

Dead Animals

When an animal dies, its body swiftly attracts bacteria, parasites, mold, and disease–and that’s not to mention the awful odor it gives off. Dead animal removal can be both tricky and unpleasant, so don’t hesitate to call a professional for assistance.


As both climbers and burrowers, opossums pose a threat to your attic, basement, and yard. Although they aren’t dangerous, they can harass pets and get into your food and garbage.


Raccoons are known for eating garbage and breaking into garages and attics, but they also carry rabies and other harmful diseases. Since they are large and strong animals, raccoon removal can be dangerous and should be done by a professional.


Rats are some of the smartest and resourceful pests out there. They can fit through spaces much smaller than their bodies and even identify poisons set out for them. Despite the annoyance these critters create, rat removal and a home free of rat infestation are possible.


The biggest concern most people have with skunks in their home is the strong, long lasting odor from their spray. Leaving skunks in the home can attract other animals or cause you thousands of dollars in property damage.


Rats are some of the smartest and resourceful pests out there. They can fit through spaces much smaller than their bodies and even identify poisons set out for them. Despite the annoyance these critters create, rat removal and a home free of rat infestation are possible.


Even though squirrels are entertaining creatures, they can still cause a lot of property damage when they make nests, have babies, and fill your home with rodents. They most commonly nest in attics during the winter until it’s warm enough for them to live outdoors again.