A Harris's Hawk

Wild animals and insects may all seem like dangerous creatures when they live around your home and local area. You may be surprised to discover that a few of them are actually good to keep around. Animals like hawks, frogs, and hedgehogs can help with pest control around your home and garden. Here is a handy guide about good animals to have around your home and which ones should be considered pests.

Hawks & Falcons

You may have seen these graceful birds flying overhead around your home. They are rarely ever seen together with other hawks or falcons, which makes them least likely to ever become a neighborhood or home pest problem. Hawks and falcons can prevent other pests from making their home in your neighborhood like pigeons, mice, and rabbits. Hawks and falcons are wildlife that should not be taken lightly though. If you are utilizing them as pest control for pigeons, mice, and rabbits, then be sure to keep your small domestic pets indoors such as kittens or miniature dog breeds as they could easily become targets for hawks.


These adorable amphibious creatures like to sing in the night alongside crickets and other nocturnal creatures. Leading frogs to your home or garden can work wonders as natural pest control. Frogs native to Texas eat small insects like slugs, weevils, flies, mosquitoes, moths, and even snails. All of these insects can easily get out of control when found in large, uncontrolled populations. They can wreak havoc on your garden and home, or could pose health risks in the case of mosquitoes. Your friendly neighborhood frogs can easily take care of these small pests.


These large wildlife creatures travel around Texas in small packs of four to seven. They will hunt around their den’s local area, but have been known to be curious and will go as far as residential areas during the night hours. Just like hawks and falcons, coyotes can help get rid of larger pests like rats, rabbits, lizards and even snakes. Be wary of the coyote population near your home and allow them to get rid of local pests naturally, but don’t go out of your way to invite them near your home. Never leave food out for them as this can attract other pests. Coyotes can also eat larger animals, such as cats and dogs so be sure to let your pets sleep indoors during the night hours when coyotes are most active.

Know When They Become Pests

It is rare for hawks and falcons to ever become pests, but frogs and coyotes could easily cross a line when their numbers grow out of control and make frequent visits to your home and neighborhood. The biggest sign that your neighborhood needs help with pest control are frequent domesticated animal deaths, tipped over trash cans and bins, and daily littered animal feces. If they begin to pose threats or do more harm than good then be sure to call Critter Ridder for help.