Austin Attic Insulation Removal

Whether you’re looking to add newer, more efficient attic insulation, or you need your attic cleaned and repaired after it was damaged by animals, the first step is attic insulation removal. 

Our technicians at Critter Ridder are Austin’s insulation removal experts. We have the expertise and the tools to efficiently remove your old attic insulation and install new insulation to get your attic back into working order. Call our team today with questions or comments!

Our Process:

      • First, we will assess the scope of the project and any areas in need of repair or cleaning, then give you a custom quote.
      • Once the quote is accepted, our technicians will remove and haul away the insulation.
      • Next, we will repair and clean the attic as needed.
      • Finally, we will add new insulation to make your home more efficient!
Insulation removal in Austin

Image courtesy of Ryan McFarland


Old attic insulation may lose efficiency as it ages. By removing the old insulation and replacing it with new insulation, you might see a reduction in your energy bill.


Animal feces and urine can contain toxic materials that can be harmful to your health if not dealt with. Our team will remove animal waste and clean your attic to protect the health of your family.


If animals have damaged your attic and chewed or clawed through the structure of your home, we can rid your attic of the critters and repair the damage.
An attic insulation removal machine

How We Do It:

Our Critter Ridder team uses some of the best equipment available to safely and efficiently remove the insulation from your attic. For blown-in attic insulation removal, our machines use high powered vacuums to extract the material from the attic with minimal mess. With this method, the old insulating material can be transferred directly from the attic into a dumpster receptacle, which means less mess and and less hassle. Call us today to get started!