spanish tile roof

Barrel tile roofs (also called “mission tiles” or “Spanish tiles”) are roofs composed of semi-cylinder shaped tiles laid in interlocking concave and convex columns. This type of roof is commonly seen on Spanish-style homes, which are very popular in Texas. Not only are barrel tiles beautiful, they’re also very durable and practical. These strong tiles can be made from either plastic, concrete, clay, or metal. 

Although they are widely used throughout the state of Texas and provide excellent protection from extreme weather, barrel tiles can give uninvited rodents and other wildlife an easy entrance into your home. Slipping underneath roof tiles is a common way for many animals to make their way into your attic or garage in search of shelter or food. To put this into perspective, rats and bats can squeeze their bodies through holes the size of a quarter, so even the smallest gap between tiles can make your house vulnerable to pesky creatures. Call us today for more information!

Keeping The Animals Out

For anyone who understands this problem all too well, Critter Ridder’s exclusion services are here to help. We will do a thorough inspection of your roof’s structure to discover any unsealed areas through which the critters may be entering your home. Once we identify the point of entry, our team of experienced animal control experts and construction professionals can seal up the spaces, and work with you on how you can prevent unwanted animals from entering in the future. We will collaborate with you on what materials would be most effective, while still preserving the appearance and decor of your home and roof.

If you have animals entering your home through your barrel tile roof, call Critter Ridder today for a guaranteed job well done! We will humanely remove any uninvited guests and secure your roof to keep your house critter free.