Bat-proof your home

Though bats don’t pose the same health threats as rodents, they can become a giant nuisance.  When bats begin nesting in your home, one major problem can occur—the accumulation of urine over time. This is because bats urinate and defecate while in flight, which makes it easy for their droppings to accumulate on your possessions. If a bat has created a colony, the presence of odor will be more evident due to the quantity of bats. When dealing with a bat problem, make sure to call the professionals at Critter Ridder to safely eliminate the problem. Call us today for all your bat removal needs!

Similar to bats, birds can also get into your home and create a nest. In most cases, birds do not pose a threat but their excrement is known to carry diseases. Just as with bats, when a bird or a nest of birds is present in your home, you need to call a professional to help remove your pest problem. Call the animal removal experts today for more information about our bird removal processes!

What To Do If A Bat or Bird Is Inside

Bats and birds generally do not pose a threat of harm to humans, however, you should treat the situation with extreme caution. If agitated, some species of bats can bite and pose a risk of spreading dangerous diseases.

Bats and birds can also be harmed easily, the bone structure of aviary species is extremely fragile, and any physical contact can critically damage them. If there is a bat or bird stuck inside take these steps so that both you and the animal remains safe.

  • Separate any pets you have from the situation. Dogs and cats could cause more stress for a trapped animal, and can even cause a bird or bat to harm themselves.
  • Open up doors and windows. You will need to create an easy and clear way for a bird or bat to escape from your home.
  • Close blinds on windows that you do not have open. Birds do not see glass windows, and will only see the sunlight that is coming in from outside. Closing the blind on a window will give the bird a better understanding of the right way to exit your home.
  • Give the animal space. Taking yourself out of the situation is the best way to allow the animal to calm down and make their way out of your home.
  • Do not do anything you are uncomfortable with. If you are not comfortable with the situation you should contact one of our animal removal experts. Do not risk harming yourself or the animal. Call Critter Ridder in Austin today for help!

How We Can Help

Our expert team at Critter Ridder takes care of all of your animal removal needs—specializing in humane bat and bird removal. Using our advanced technology and vast knowledge of behavior/breeding patterns, we can remove them from your premises, and take their young ones with them as well. In the end, you’ll have the peace of mind that the animals are no longer in your home and that they have not been harmed in the process. Call us today for all your bird and bat removal needs!