Bird removal

When thinking of the animals that may potentially damage your home, birds probably don’t come to mind as quick as rats, skunks, and opossums. But if left unchecked, birds can do considerable harm to your house. If you haven’t looked into professional bird removal services, you might have some questions. Why do birds make themselves unwanted guests in the first place, and what can their toll be on your home?

Roof Damage

If birds can’t find any suitable trees in your area, they may end up settling in on top of your roof. This means they’ll be building nests, and these nests often end up clogging gutters. In rare occasions, these nests can be fire hazards if they come into contact with low-hanging electrical wires. Also, bird droppings may be doing more damage than you realize. Apart from being unsightly, these droppings contain high concentrations of uric acid, which can eat away at shingles and sheathing.

Attic Damage

Are you hearing persistent high-pitched noises coming from within your ceiling? If so, there’s a good chance that birds found a point of entry from your roof into your attic, meaning you’ll need bird removal service more than ever. If birds have somehow found their way inside, they can damage or destroy any valuables you’re storing in the attic.

There’s also cause for concern if you have a water tank in your attic, because birds can easily contaminate water supplies. They are known to carry parasites, as well as diseases like histoplasmosis, candidiasis, and cryptococcosis, so you’ll want to get these unwelcome guests out quickly.

Chimney Damage

Certain bird species prefer nesting in hollow trees. For this reason, these species often end up nesting inside chimneys, which mirror the environment of a hollow tree fairly well. While nests inside chimneys don’t present much of a fire hazard, they can still block airflow, sending smoke and carbon monoxide right back into your home. And in some occasions, birds (especially fledglings) can fall down the chimney and end up flying around your house!

If you suspect that your roof, attic, or chimney have been compromised by birds, get in touch with Critter Ridder today. We’ve been offering safe and humane bird removal service since 2001, and our specialists are fully licensed, registered, and insured. Whether it’s a problem with birds or any other Central Texas critter, we can take care of the problem quickly and efficiently.