house lizard hiding in wall

What To Do About House Lizard Eggs

House lizards can sometimes find their way into your house, especially if you live in the state of Texas. Two common species of lizards have been identified, one of which is the common house gecko. You can recognize the house gecko with its bulging eyes and sticky toe pads, allowing them to climb on walls. These critters could grow up to 5 inches long.


How To Keep Roof Rats Out Of Your Home

As its name advertises, the roof rat is a good climber. Bearing a striking resemblance to the Norway rat but smaller and slimmer, roof rats prefer high areas. It can often be found nesting up in the eaves of structures. The species is also drawn to attics as well as the roofs that give them their name. This rat’s fondness for fruit has also named it the “citrus rat” or “tree rat.” Because of its secretive nature, you may not be aware of this rat’s presence unless you have an infestation. Rodent droppings in eaves and attics or mysterious stored piles of fruit and other food are good signs of a problem. In addition to being champion climbers, roof rats are very good at inserting themselves through tiny openings that are roughly the size of a quarter. A home’s roof can offer multiple entry points into the house itself, especially where the roof meets eaves. This rat is also adept at entering a home through wall vents, such as laundry room vents.

Field cricket on a white background

How Cricket Season Can Attract Wildlife to Your Home

In early August, as summer comes to a close and autumn is fast approaching, Central Texas becomes captive to swarms of insects. These intruders, commonly known as black field crickets or simply, field crickets, congregate by the thousands for their annual mating ritual. Although the seemingly biblical event may leave visitors awestruck, inhabitants of the area are less than thrilled about the yearly infestations and the wildlife predators the pests attract.

A Harris's Hawk

Are There Good Animals to Have Around Your Home?

Wild animals and insects may all seem like dangerous creatures when they live around your home and local area. You may be surprised to discover that a few of them are actually good to keep around. Animals like hawks, frogs, and hedgehogs can help with pest control around your home and garden. Here is a handy guide about good animals to have around your home and which ones should be considered pests.

Raccoon in wild

How to Report a Rabid Animal

If you live in Austin, TX you may have recently heard about the two rabid raccoons found in North Austin in April this year. When multiple cases are reported within a close timespan there may be an outbreak of rabies in the area, since it is a very contagious virus. Raccoons specifically can carry their own version of the rabies virus.

Bird's nest in a tree

When to Remove a Birds Nest

Birds are extremely busy in the springtime and have the job of mating, nest building and raising their young all in a few months time. It is important to pick the right time to remove a bird’s nest because you do not want to disrupt the development of the chicks or have to deal with their relocation.