Common entrance points for critters

Most Common Entrance Points for Critters

When you look at your home, you see your lawn, your siding, and your windows and doors. Animals see those things too – and more. They know how warm and safe your home is and that you supply lots of comfort and food. They know how to sneak in and out of small passageways and have the skills to infiltrate places that can be invisible to homeowners.

A rattlesnake with its tongue out.

How to Get Rid of Unexpected Pests

Texas terrain provides a surprising mix of animals. Unfortunately, those animals may view your home as theirs. Although rodents are the most common pests, snakes, skunks, and birds can also find a way inside your residence. Learn the precautions and proper process to get rid of these unexpected house guests.

Why Should You Hire A Professional?

There are many ways that animals can enter your home. The most common ways are through roof intersections or gable vents, perhaps a mushroom vent that doesn’t have a screen on it. Builders quite often are going so fast they miss some pretty obvious areas, and we are trained in identifying those areas and sealing them with the proper materials that’ll last, not only through weather, but any attempt at reentry.