A raccoon in a dumpster outside.

How to Keep Animals Out of Your Garbage

Everybody hates when they step outside and see that their trash can has been raided or knocked over by a wild animal. Unfortunately, this is a pretty common occurrence for most homeowners. Pests making their way onto your property to rummage through the garbage can leads to them making a new home out of your garage, basement, or shed.

Dealing with animals in the attic

5 Humane Ways To Keep Animals Out Of Your Attic

You’re fond of animals—at the very least you prefer to live and let live. Still, it’s hard when it comes to the critters’ inability to respect your personal space, and you need a way to keep them out of the attic. The mess they leave behind and the damage they cause your house can’t be ignored, so what can you do to keep them out of your space without causing them harm?

Rodent issues in winter

What Are Roof Rats?

Roof rats are black or dark brown rats that are becoming increasingly problematic in Central Texas and Austin. They reside in your attic, measure thirteen to eighteen inches in length, weigh up to nine ounces, and are slender with almost hairless ears.