home with standard shingled roofComposite roofs are one of the most common fixtures you see in home construction. While the shade and style of your roof can add character to your home’s decor, if there are gaps between the shingles (and there often are) it can create the perfect opportunity for pests to enter your home. Rodents, bats, snakes, and more can slip through places where shingles have cracked or receded with age.

Finding that a wild animal has caused damage or made a home in your attic or garage can be a nightmare to deal with, so let Critter Ridder help you out. We will inspect your home’s structure, including the roof, to identify spots where animals could be gaining access to your house. After we’ve determined the point of entry, our animal removal experts and construction crew can humanely remove any critters from your home (including dead animals) and then seal up this entrance. We will work with you to ensure that any material we use matches your roof and the decor of your house.

If an animal has already gotten into your attic and you’re in need of extra assistance, we offer full attic cleanup and restoration services to disinfect your attic and remove any droppings or odors that may have been left behind by rodents and other animals. Our animal exclusion services are backed by a one year guarantee, which means you can trust us to do the job right. At Critter Ridder, we strive to give you lasting results so you don’t have to worry about animal intruders any longer. If you’re in need of animal removal or roof/attic restoration, call Critter Ridder today 512-256-3253 for a free estimate!