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Critter Ridder is Austin’s leading animal control business. Since 2001, we have helped to protect families and their homes from unwelcome wildlife. Our practices are humane and animal-friendly. We don’t believe in killing animals to remove them from your property. Find out more about us here.


We at Critter Ridder of Texas offer our customers an industry-leading, one-year warranty for all of our services. Since we do the work right the first time, our work saves you from spending more on additional animal removal work. To learn more about our one-year warranty and guarantees, visit the warranty page.

Preventative Maintenance

Critter Ridder also offers exclusion services. If left unchecked, small cracks and holes can develop in the walls, vents, and plumping of your property. Pests are experts at finding these holes, however small they may be. That’s why we’ve become experts at finding them too. Our exclusion services prevent pests from ever entering your home.

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