Rat sitting on a sink

Rodents are a common problem in homes across Austin, Texas. During the winter months, rats and mice will look for areas to nest and end up in many homes for the favorable temperature and predator-safe environment. Rats and mice will cause a lot of harm to your home by chewing through walls, insulation, and electrical wires, searching for food, and spreading disease through your home.

What Type of Damage Do Rats Cause Inside?

Rats cause structural damage inside a residential building to create pathways to food sources and to gather nesting materials. Nesting materials are typically wood, cloth, paper, insulation, wiring looms, duct work and many other materials.

In extreme situations, rodents can also gnaw upholstered furniture to remove material to create a very hidden nest in furniture. Rats and mice can also create hidden problems by gnawing through electrical wires and spreading insulation. Additionally, they can chew through the protective looms on your home’s electrical wires creating fire hazards with exposed live wires.

Insulation in an attic or walls is another common victim of rat’s nest building. They often tunnel into them to make a secure nest. Rats are also known to chew on wire insulation, which can cause a fire, especially if you are not aware that they’ve stripped the wires bare. They can also destroy family heirlooms, important documents, and irreplaceable photographs to use as nesting materials.

On top of destroying your home for the sake of building nests, rats and mice will spread disease through your home. Feces left in air vents and in panties pose health risks to getting infected by bacteria and even diseases.

Outside Damage From Rats

Since garages, sheds, and storage containers are easier to get to, it’s important to check them often for damage. If you have a garage refrigerator or freezer you should move it frequently to check behind the unit. Rats and mice will nest near the compressor where warm heat is vented, and can cause serious issues by chewing on the electrical wiring. Also, check out any food or pet food that you store outdoors occasionally.

Rats can also chew into patio chair cushions, dog houses, dig up crops in gardens, and burrow into flower beds for nesting and a food source. Keep car windows wound up tightly, especially for any cars that you only drive occasionally.

Rodent Removal and Repair

Critter Ridder Texas offers animal removal services as well as rodent damage repair. Learn more about our attic cleanup and restoration services or contact us today for more information!