A backyard shed in Austin Texas

Decks and sheds are fundamental pieces of most homes in Texas. With so many Texans who enjoy spending time outside or working in the yard, sheds are an ideal place to store garden tools, patio furniture, or other amenities that can’t be kept in the house. While sheds are a necessity for most homeowners, their biggest drawback is that rodents, raccoons, bats, and other wildlife often build their own homes in these structures since they are quiet and easy to access.

Not everybody considers how easy it is for animals to gain access to their sheds and roam freely. While some people don’t mind critters getting into their sheds, once wildlife begins to live there, it can become a nuisance to worry about what (or who) you’ll find every time you open the shed door. The animals may begin to occupy the yard, and eventually find a way into your home as well if not properly removed from the property. Call Critter Ridder in Austin today to learn more!

Likewise, raised decks are a common place for wild animals to nest or seek shelter. If there are any gaps in the foundation or crosshatching, rodents, raccoons, opossums, and even feral cats can squeeze through and get trapped beneath your deck. This could lead to them damaging your deck or the foundation of your home, as well as possibly dying once trapped and causing unpleasant odors. If you think an animal may be living under your deck or in your shed, call Critter Ridder today for assistance!

Critter Ridder specializes in humane animal removal from all areas of your property, whether it is your home, deck, shed, or open yard. We will perform any exclusion services needed, and our team of experts can make recommendations on how you can prevent intrusions in the future. Call our animal removal experts at Critter Ridder in Auston today to peacefully reclaim your home!