Copper Head poisonous snake

Due to all the recent flooding, many area snakes have been displaced from their homes, and are now finding shelter in and around private homes. In an article detailing the snakes found in and around Austin, Critter Ridder’s owner and founder, Mike Dillon, spoke with Fox 7 Austin to weigh in on the snake issue.

If you see or hear signs of a snake, do the following to ensure your safety and the safety of others:

Make your presence known

Be loud, stomp your feet, and even rattle your car keys. When snakes see or hear a large, loud predator like a person, they will often be scared away by your presence. Snakes are more likely to strike when startled, so if they know that you’re coming in their direction, they can often back away.

Find your local hospital ahead of time

If you, someone else, or a pet gets bitten accidentally, it’s better to have a plan than to have Google take the wheel. Find the closest hospital with anti-venom to you, know the quickest route there, and do the same for a veterinarian if you have a furry friend. Do your best to identify the snake so a doctor can better assess any injuries.

Don’t hesitate, call a professional

Whether you can identify a type of snake or not, it’s best to call a professional when dealing with snakes. They rarely cause damage to homes, and there’s rarely a need to kill them just because they’re around your residence. Let a professional handle any snakes you see – call Critter Ridder Today.