Field cricket on a white background

When is Cricket Season in Austin, Texas?

In early August, as summer comes to a close and autumn is fast approaching, Central Texas becomes captive to swarms of insects. These intruders, commonly known as black field crickets or simply, field crickets, congregate by the thousands for their annual mating ritual. Although the seemingly biblical event may leave visitors awestruck, inhabitants of the area are less than thrilled about the yearly infestations and the wildlife predators the pests attract.

What wildlife in Central Texas naturally preys on crickets?

Crickets may seem rather harmless and their presence is often considered more of a nuisance than a threat. However, they are also known to transmit diseases such as E.coli and salmonella as well as hosting parasites. In addition, the appearance of the masses of insects is also a precursor to much larger and possibly, more dangerous creatures including various amphibians, mammals, reptiles and rodents intent on satisfying their appetites.

If you find crickets near your home, what animals are most likely to follow them?

Since such a large amount of crickets flock to Central Texas during mating season, it is only natural that other vermin follow to dine on the delicacies. With over 271 species to choose from, the insects also lure:

  • Rodents – rats and mice
  • Mammals – raccoons and bats
  • Reptiles – lizards and snakes
  • Amphibians – frogs

While one cricket may not cause a great disturbance, thousands of them are sure to be more than a problem. Once inside a home or business, these insects may wreak havoc on furniture, including wood and leather, as well as wool and silk fabrics or clothing. Needless to say, the larger wildlife that follows them causes much more chaos and in some instances, could be deadly.

What can you do to stop predators and crickets in the Austin, TX area?

Crickets are attracted to light and the first step to deterring them is reducing outdoor lighting. Sealing entryways, windows, and any other cracks or crevices is another way to ward off the hordes of insects. While insecticides are a temporary solution, it is probably best to let the professionals provide a long-term solution this cricket season.

If your cricket infestation is out of control, contact Critter Ridder of Austin, Texas today. Since 2001 they have provided affordable, humane animal removal services for homeowners and businesses of Central Texas and surrounding areas.