Mike Dillon, owner of Critter Ridder in Texas, with an owl.

Critter Ridder is an animal friendly business that removes animals as humanely as possible. In order for us to remove the animals from your property, we aim to use methods and techniques that will preserve the animal’s life. We use techniques that are safe and once the animals have been trapped, we transport them to a safe living environment that is away from humans, houses, and businesses.

In order for us to remove wildlife animals such as raccoons and squirrels from your premises, we use hormones that will drive the animals out of your homes. We also employ other unique methods to get them out including the use of static noise and lights. We use a predator like technique to lure them out and our exclusion method will keep them out.

Our techniques take the animals into consideration as well. The hormones that we use will allow all the animals to leave together. This means that males will leave with their mates and nurturing females will leave with their offsprings.

At Critter Ridder, we never use chemicals or poisons.

Critter Ridder Texas is a proud supporter of the Texas Humane Legislative Network, a group working to protect animals and wildlife through education, legislation, and advocacy. THLN’s work towards wildlife rehabilitation aligns with our views on humane animal removal without the use of poisons to kill animals. Click on the banner to the right to learn more about THLN and to support the cause.

proud supporters of the Texas Humane Legislative Network

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