mouse in the wall of a home

With the wide range of animals in the Austin area, it is common for some critters to find shelter in attics, subfloors, and walls in homes. When you do hear an animal in your home, it is important to get it removed quickly because the critter can get stuck in small place and die.

The smell of a dead animal is unmistakable, but it can be difficult to pinpoint where in your home the animal died. Animal removal experts will be able to pinpoint where the animal has trapped itself, and how to best remove it.

Proper Removal Techniques

Consulting with an expert in animal removal services is wise if you suspect an animal has gotten inside your home. There are a variety of ways to trap live animals without hurting them, and then they can be released into the wild where they belong.

Never approach a wild animal within your home; they feel trapped and can and will try and defend themselves. A wild animal can also transmit rabies and other dioceses to people so practice caution and give the animal some room.

Humane Animal Removal

Animal removal experts can offer advice about humane animal removal if you have squirrels running across your attic, raccoons nesting in your garage or birds flying around in your fireplace. No matter what type of animal problem you have within your home, a professional and humane animal removal service can give you advice on how to remove them without harming them when possible.

At Critter Ridder we specialize in humane animal removal which do not involve poisons or sedatives. We use alternative methods to lure animals out of your home and find a safe environment to release the animals into the wild when possible.

Dead Animal Removal

If you are certain that an animal has died in your home, your friends at Critter Ridder will be able to help. It is important to call as soon as you suspect there is a dead animal because if left for long it can create issues with bacteria, bugs, mice and rats.

While the dead animal smell is usually a giveaway that an animal has made its home within your home and passed away, finding it and performing the dead animal removal, or extraction, can be a much bigger problem than you might expect. At Critter Ridder we will handle the whole process and will be able to

Perhaps even more importantly, once the dead animal is removed, take some advice from your animal removal experts about how animals get in your walls, and how to make it more difficult or unpleasant for them to come inside. This way, you can figure out how they made their way in and keep them out for good.