Three raccoons on a porch near a house.

wild-raccoonsAlthough it may not get as frigid as it does in northern states, Texas still experiences fall and winter! Summer pest problems may be slowing down, but unfortunately the chillier months do bring their own share of critter concerns. As temperatures outside grow colder, your home becomes a more attractive place for outdoor critters to seek shelter. Wild animals may seek out your basement, attic, or garage looking for a spot to stay warm or build a nest. Attics tend to be one of the most popular places for squirrels, raccoons, ringtails, and rats to settle down because the spacious room blocks the wind and gives them plenty of room to roam freely.

Some of these little guys may be cute, but they can wreak havoc on your home if you allow them to stay. They can spread disease (you don’t even need to come in direct contact with an animal to get sick), chew up wires and insulation, and make a mess of your whole house.

The best way to remove wild animals from your home is to prevent them from winding up there in the first place. By taking a few simple precautions, you can make sure that your house is free of uninvited guests this season.

  • Pay attention to any cracks or gaps in your house’s foundation or structure that can act as an entry point into your home for wildlife. Don’t underestimate rodents in this regard either. They are designed to squeeze themselves in and out of tight spaces;some of them can fit their bodies through holes less than an inch wide! If their head can fit, their whole body can follow.
  • Keep food sealed in airtight containers and put pet food away at night if necessary. The scent of food is often what lures animals into your home in the first place.
  • Trim trees that touch or hang over your home. Long branches that lead to the roof give animals easy access to your attic.

If you do discover that a wild animal has found a way into your house, first and foremost do not try to pick it up, harm it, or remove it from your home yourself. Most animals won’t attack unless they feel threatened, but it’s certainly not a risk you want to run if you have pets or children at home. This is especially important if the animal has built a nest for its babies. The last thing you want to come between is a mother raccoon and her cubs. It’s best to call an animal removal professional to have the animals safely taken out of your home or business.

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