aerial view of a green metal roof

Metal roofs are a great option for homes, because they can be made from recycled metals and are relatively low cost compared to other materials. They are typically made from stainless steel, copper, tin, or aluminum. Metal roofs are a popular choice for homes in Texas because they are incredibly durable if well maintained, especially in bad weather conditions. These roofs are useful, valuable, and efficient, but they also are susceptible to rust. Rust corrodes metal and can cause holes and other damage to your roof, giving easy access to rats, insects, bats, and other wildlife. Call Critter Ridder in Austin today for assistance!

At Critter Ridder, we know that having your attic, basement, or garage invaded by a wild animal is both an inconvenience and a liability. Homeowners become understandably stressed when figuring out how to safely remove an animal from their home, repair any damage done, and prevent it from ever happening again. Our job at Critter Ridder is to take that work off your hands. 

Our team of animal removal experts will not only humanely remove any animals from your property, but will identify the entryways in your roof or floor and seal all cracks and openings to prevent future occurrences. We include experienced construction workers on our team to ensure that any repairs done on your home or building will be suitable for the style and design of the property. Call us today for more information!

If you’re in need of any damage repair or cleanup, we offer attic restoration and cleaning services to disinfect your home and remove any odors or droppings that wildlife has left behind. We can also remove any animals that have died on the premises and decontaminate the area so you can reclaim your space as soon as possible. If the entry was made through your metal roof, we guarantee we will locate and seal the pathway so you don’t have to worry any longer. We promise a fast, thorough job well done and offer an industry-leading one-year warranty. Call Critter Ridder today to receive your free estimate and finally rid your home of unwanted critters for good!