An opossum perched on a fence outside in Texas.

Opossums (sometimes referred to as just possums) are one of the most unique animals in North America as they are the only marsupials found in the region. These animals are like the Australian Kangaroos that have a pouch for carrying their infants around until they are old enough to survive on their own. Opossums are omnivores that eat anything, including garbage. These little critters, while very slow on the ground are very good climbers, and will most times live in your attic or underneath decks and sheds.

Humans have devised many construction methods to create fine homes for their families. Sometimes, wildlife also appreciates the wonderful construction of these homes and may find nooks and crannies to raise their own young. Opossums can be a problem throughout Texas. These creatures, related to the marsupials of Australia, can find their way into attics or under sheds or other materials on your property and cause a number of problems. If you have spotted an opossum somewhere on your property, call Critter Ridder in Austin today!

Understanding Opossum Traits And Behaviors

Opossums have a long body and pointed snout. Their hair is coarse and may be gray, reddish or black with white tips. The face is pinkish white and the nose is pink. Ears are large and hairless. They are most active at night and are good climbers. They can be found in trees and may find their way into attic spaces to raise their families. Opossums can eat a variety of different foods and have fifty strong teeth that they may display when defending themselves. 

Their bites are painful, and so they are best left to a professional removal service if they become a problem. Opossums may play “possum” when threatened; that is, they fall over and play dead to fool their enemies. They form pair bonds only for the purpose of mating. When the young are born, they are carried in pouches on the opossum’s body in the early phases. Opossums can make themselves at home in urban areas as well as in woodlands or rural areas.

When They Become A Nuisance

Opossums can make their homes in unsecured areas of home structures, and can move around at night making noise and disturbing residents of the home. They may also dig up areas of the yard, creating burrows and destroying yard plants. They may feast on garden vegetables or fruits and threaten household pets. Those who keep horses should be aware that opossums could transmit Equine Protozoal Myeloencephalitis (EPM), which can be a serious disease. Removal of an opossum from your property can help to protect your horses and household pets from transmission of diseases. Eliminating food sources outdoors can help to discourage opossums from your property. Keeping your yard well lit can also help to eliminate them from the premises.

Opossum and Rabies

Any outdoor animals can get and transmit rabies. However, opossum rarely carry rabies because of their low body temperature, which ranges between 94 to 97 degrees Fahrenheit. However, if you notice an opossum that is behaving strangely, you should avoid contact with the animal and call the animal removal professionals at Critter Ridder to remove it from your premises immediately!

What To Do If An Opossum Is Inside

Opossums have been known to carry rabies and other diseases so they should be treated with extreme caution if found in your home. If there is an opossum trapped inside your home, follow these steps to make sure that both you and the animal remain safe.

  • Separate your pets from the room the opossum is in. Opossums are not outwardly aggressive and will play dead in some situations, but you do not want your pets to add extra hazards to the situation.
  • Open the doors in your home. You will need to create a way for the animal to escape your home safely.
  • Close the blinds on windows. Trapped animals will try to escape to areas where there is light. Closing blinds will remove windows from the options that an opossum has as an escape route.
  • Give the opossum space. Staying in the same room with the animal will stress it out, and will delay the animal from making the choice to move outside your home.

Do not do something you are uncomfortable with. Opossums can bite and become aggressive when in stressful situations. If you are not comfortable with the situation, do not risk harming yourself or the animal and contact Critter Ridder for help.

Humane Removal

A good animal removal service will avoid removal techniques that are inhumane and harmful to animals. Light, noise, and hormone compounds can be used to induce the opossum from the premises. The hormone compounds help to remove opossums with their families so that they can be relocated elsewhere. These techniques preserve wildlife while eliminating the problem of property destruction and interaction with pets. CritterRidder uses these techniques to humanely remove opossums from populated areas and take them to uninhabited areas where their presence will not be a problem. Call our team today for more information about our humane animal removal processes!

We’re Ready To Help

While opossums are not dangerous, there are a few common complaints that are often made about these creatures.

  • They are harassing pets and eating their food. 
  • They are scattering the garbage. 
  • They are being a nuisance by living under sheds and in attics. 

If you find an opossum living in your attic or anywhere else on your property, do not hesitate to call our animal removal experts at Critter Ridder today!

We offer opossum removal services and exclusion service for all types of buildings and structures. This means that once the offending creature is removed from the property, we will search your dwelling thoroughly to find their point of entry and seal them to prevent them from entering your house or business in the future. Call us today for more information!

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Opossum Removal Reviews

Jennie O.3/27/2018

“I contacted Mike to get help relocating an opossum in our backyard that has started coming out during daylight. He was really honest about his services and set realistic expectations. I was impressed that he went further than most in offering helpful and detailed advice on how we might want to approach the situation myself before we make a big investment with his company. I’ll definitely keep him in mind for future concerns.”

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Jill J.5/26/2017

“To say I had a critter a situation would be an understatement. From my first meeting with Arowan through the entire process, I can’t say enough about how great my experience with these guys has been. Everything was explained in a step by step way, and made me feel like getting the job done was their number one priority. The owner, Mike, even made sure to get a tree guy in to remove a fallen branch to ensure the job could be finished to their standards. I was very stressed about the whole situation and was put at ease from meeting one. Wouldn’t hesitate to use them again!”

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