crawl space under a house

Pier and beam is a type of foundation in which there is a space between the house and the footings, which is then filled in with concrete for support. A network of beams and piers run evenly beneath the house to provide a balanced support system. This leaves a space underneath the house, which is known as a crawl space, unlike slab-on-grade foundations which leaves no space between the ground and the building. Crawl spaces can be conveniently used for storage as well as a way to easily access your plumbing and heating amenities. This pier and beam style of foundation is highly recommended by construction workers because it is quick, easy, and affordable to repair. It’s also very durable and holds up well over the years.

Although a pier and beam foundation is the best choice for construction, the crawl space unfortunately provides another pathway for rodents and other wild animals to enter your home. These animals can build nests in your crawlspace or cause damage to your belongings and piping. You could even be left with a dead animal under your house, which is unpleasant for everyone in your home. Call Critter Ridder in Austin today for expert animal removal services and exclusions!

If your house is built on a pier and beam foundation, our team of experts at Critter Ridder can help you find the best solutions for keeping intruders out of your crawl space. Our team includes both animal removal specialists and construction professionals, so we understand the structure of your home and where to look for improvements. We can also take care of any dead animal removal and disinfect the affected areas. Any live critters that we find will be humanely removed from your property, and then we will seal up any points of entry so that you won’t have to worry about returning visitors in the future. Call Critter Ridder today and our team of professionals will work with you to keep wildlife out of your crawl space and thus, out of your house!