A mouse eating a small piece of carrot.

Many people think of rats as just dirty animals that live in sewers, but in reality rats are very clever and resourceful animals. Did you know that a rat’s teeth are so strong they can chew through most surfaces; glass, boards and even concrete? Both intelligent and agile, an adult rat can fit its body through a hole the size of a quarter. What’s really extraordinary about rats is their ability to quickly identify poisons you set out for them, which can make rodent control and rat extermination complicated and difficult to do on your own.

Rats and other rodents are drawn to very humid climates, which makes Texas the perfect playground for them. They can first be drawn into an area when there is an overfeeding of wild birds, a common occurrence around Central Texas. Rats can also initially be attracted to locations where compost does not have a proper base set up so they can form a burrow underneath. They enjoy nesting in dry and dark areas, which makes it easy for them to want to stick around once they’re near your home. Compared to other pests, rats have one of the highest reproductive and breeding rates–they can have up to 12 babies at once. This rapid breeding paired with their ability to identify poison has increased the need for rodent control in Austin.

However, when you are in need of a professional to rid your home of rats, it is recommended that you choose a company that specializes in Austin rodent control. Critter Ridder takes the safety of you and your family into consideration with all of our work.


At Critter Ridder, we omit the use of harmful chemicals and instead use traps and other advanced technologies to remove rodents from your home. By applying this method, we are able to keep you, your home, and your family and pets safe from harsh chemicals. We know our clients want their homes cleared in the safest manner possible. We’re able to conduct rodent control in a clean, safe, and effective way. We use traps to ensure our clients are happy and rats are removed cleanly and completely.

Please note, we do not live trap rats. Should you require more detailed information on our trapping procedures, please contact us.

We know rodent control can be a scary thing to deal with, and we believe everyone should live free of fear in their own home. Rats can be difficult to remove on your own, so it is a good idea to trust the Critter Ridder professionals to clear your home of pests so you can live in comfort. We perform rat removal services for businesses as well. We can check your building from top to bottom to ensure that a pest problem does not get in the way of growing your business.

If you need rodent control in Austin, do not hesitate to call Critter Ridder. We are on the job and ready to make your home rat free!

What To Do If Rats and Rodents are Inside

Rats and rodents can bite humans and animals, but because of their small size are not considered dangerous. That does not mean you should pick them up without proper care or hand protection. If you see a rat or rodent in your home, follow these steps to ensure that you can safely remove the animal.

    • Remove any pets you have from the room the rodent is in. Pets can chase or attack rodents which will cause the rodent to escape further into your home. If your pet catches the rodent there is also a hazard of catching any diseases carried by the animal.
    • Open up doors. Opening doors in your home will give the rodent a path to safely escape.
    • If the rodent does not leave, purchase a humane trap from your local hardware store. Humane rodent traps use bait to trap an animal in a releasable box.
    • Contact a professional if the problem continues. If you continue to have the same issue you may need the help of an animal removal expert to identify issues with your home. At Critter Ridder Texas, we offer whole house solutions which will identify and repair where animals are coming into your home.

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Rat Removal Reviews

Gwen B.3/22/2018

“Mike and his team did a great job. They were out immediately to help with our rat problem in the attic. They let us know up front about all costs and the timeframe of the work to be done. They don’t just put out a bunch of traps, they secure all entrances to the attic so further problems won’t occur. I had to contact Mike via text on several occasions and he always replied immediately, I appreciate that. They are a little pricey, but well worth it. Thanks, Mike and your team for doing a great job. They are professional, courteous and treated me with respect. Give them a call with any critter problems you have, Mike is very knowledgeable about all critters.”
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Amy G.3/23/2018

“These guys are great. We’ve used them a couple times. This time we had rats. They came back multiple times to set/reset traps. They were polite and on time (often early). We are not handy people, so we appreciated that they identify entry points, then seal them. And the year-long guarantee gives you peace of mind.”
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Ana L.3/5/2017

“I would definitely recommend Critter Ridder! They made the process very easy, from their staff that answered and scheduled the appointment (Cheryl) to the friendly, knowledgeable young man that came out to do the work. They even called to reschedule because of bad weather before I realized it was raining. The tech guy not only closed up all potential areas where the rats were getting in but also educated me on what to look for (mainly because I asked). He took his time answering all my questions, but worked efficiently to get the job done. He also came back several times to check the traps as that was the part I was most grossed out to do. I even got a follow up call after the little boogers were gone to make sure all was good with the service. The price was spot on after I had talked with others that spend way more than I did and did not get the removal service as part of the deal. YUCK! The owner, Mike came out and checked after the first round with the tech. Customer service was right on, service was fantastic and follow up was superb! If I can figure out how to post pictures of some of the work they did I will. I had a rodent problem before in another house and did the work myself, it took me hours and just as much money as calling them out. I would definitely use them again but I don’t think I will ever have to in this house! It is completely sealed up! Thank you Critter Ridder for a job well done!”
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Kelly Carter2/4/2016

“Mike knows his biz and is very customer service oriented. He solved my rat problems and they have yet to come back. Great outfit.”
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Pamela E.8/27/2014

“Called Critter Ridder after 2 other companies had been called and had not been successful eliminating our mice issue. After calling and leaving a message, received a call back immediately. They called day before to confirm appointment. When they arrived there were 3 uniformed workers and were very professional. It took them all day and a part of another day to complete the job. We have not seen a mouse since then. Will use them again for the guest house. When I called, they returned the call the same day. I have not had any issues with them not calling back. Rodent exclusion service price for time spent I thought was with fair market price. They did so much more than just throw poison. Closed up our house! Would recommend them.”
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Mark J.1/20/2014

“I had rats in my attic for two months, with a rat showing up in one of my dozen traps every two days or so. They just kept coming. I sealed every possible entrance that i could find, to no avail. I checked around the house and found no obvious signs of entry, and decided to contact a professional for help.
Mike from Critter Ridder came out and we did a full walk around the house. After the walk around he found the entry hole which the rats chewed through the fascia, which was rotten. He offered to patch the hole but said that the real problem was that the fascia board was rotten and should be replaced. The fascia was really bad in two different areas of the house, and this was definitely the right call. (don’t patch rotten wood, replace it)
Prior to the walk around, both Mike and i thought that he would need to put in flashing and screens around possible entrances. I had already done this, but figured that my work must be substandard. Instead of looking to make a buck on additional flashing and screens, Mike assured my that my work looked good an no further screens or flashing would be required. The only real problem was rotten fascia. I feel like I got a very honest assessment from him.
They sent out two carpenters the next Saturday and replaced the fascia with new, pressure treated lumber, put metal flashing on the corners (overkill probably, but i was happy to have it) and painted it to match the house. Very professional work.
One worker even took a few minutes to help me put in my new attic stairs in the garage while they were here.
Very honest assessment and very professional work.
(Of course, the rats are now gone.)”
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Laurie S.12/17/2013

“Yet again, Yelpers steered me to the right place, this time for our rat problem!

First- Don’t confuse this Critter Ridder- a locally owned, top notch company- with the company that sells a pest repellant spray. Same name, not even close to the same product, since Critter Ridder in Austin is a full-service, personalized professional pest control service and the other is not.

Mike did a thorough investigation of our property to determine every issue our unit had that was allowing the rats in. He found it all and then some. He prepared a very clear, very detailed report, and it was ready by the time he left. Well worth the small service fee we paid for this. It was enough to “convince” our landlord that the problem was serious and immediate, and made them take action on what will amount to at least $1,500 of repair work.

Unfortunately, the landlord has chosen a different company to do the work due to a previous relationship. But I’m sure they would have been just as thorough had they done the work as Mike was with our report. Critter Ridder offers a 2 year warranty on their work, a full year more than others. That sort of warranty typically comes with the workmanship to back it up.

So impressed with Mike’s detail. We may bring him back to “check” the other company’s work, and we will definitely use this company when our new home is built. They hate rodents and bugs more than I do, and that’s saying a lot!”
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