A rattlesnake with its tongue out.

Even people who are familiar with snakes, appreciate their beauty, and know how to treat the venomous ones with respect. Texas is home to four species of venomous snakes: 

  • Cottonmouth snakes 
  • Copperhead snakes 
  • Coral snakes 
  • Rattlesnakes

The Texas coral snake, the only coral snake in the state, is probably the easiest of the venomous snakes to recognize. It has bands of touching red and yellow stripes around its body. The harmless scarlet king snake looks very much like the coral, but no yellow touches red on the king snake’s body. The Texas coral is the only snake in Texas that has red and yellow touching bands. There is even a rhyme to aid memory: if red touches yellow, you’re a dead fellow.

The pit viper with its fourteen subspecies living in Texas is better represented. If you see a snake and cannot immediately recognize it as one of the non-venomous ones, keep your distance. Remember, even professional snake handlers are sometimes fooled, so don’t approach if there is even the tiniest doubt. Do not try to prompt the snake with a broom or a stick. Call Critter Ridder immediately, and we will be out as soon as we can. In the meantime, move all family members and pets away from the area. Do not try to kill the snake. Almost all snake bites in North America happen when someone tries to direct the snake in a certain direction or kill a snake. Snakes can strike up to half the length of their body—a great enough distance to inject venom into someone seen as a threat and standing only a shovel’s distance away. In Texas about two people a year die from snake bites. Let Critter Ridder do the dangerous work. Even if the snake is not venomous, it is better to have it removed from the area. Non-venomous snakes can still bite, and some people have allergic reactions to the bites.

Needless to say, if a person is bitten by a venomous or non-venomous snake, he or she needs medical attention as soon as possible. If a picture of the snake can be taken, medical personnel can determine the correct anti-venom faster. A phone call to notify the hospital or emergency center when the victim is on the way can also help the team get the necessary drugs ready. Anti-venom stops the action of the poison, but it cannot repair the damage that has already been done—the sooner the drug is administered, the better.

Snakes go where food and water are available. If you feed your pets outside, you may be issuing an open invitation. If you see snakes around, do not leave food and water accessible. Clean away any debris around the house and remove wood or rock piles where snakes can hide. Check for rodent access into your home. Snakes will come into the house in search of mice if there is access. Critter Ridder can identify access points and rodent areas and help fix the problem from the ground up. Call our snake removal experts today for more information!

What To Do If A Snake Is Inside

There are many species of snakes in Texas, some of which are venomous and dangerous to humans and animals. If there is a snake in your home that you suspect is dangerous follow these steps to ensure that both you and the animal remain safe.

  • Remove any pets from the situation. Place any of your pets outside or in a separate room because they can be harmed if they approach a snake.
  • Open up the doors. You need to give the snake a way to escape from your home.
  • Keep an eye on the snake. Snakes can quickly hide in your home and move throughout rooms so keep track of its location.
  • Do not do anything you are not comfortable with. If you are uncomfortable catching and releasing a snake, do not risk harming yourself or the animal. Our expert team at Critter Ridder in Austin will be able to handle all your snake removal needs. Call us today!

Snake Removal Reviews

Keith A.9/15/2017

“I can’t thank them enough for coming out I had about a six-foot rattlesnake on my front porch so I can get in or out of the house they were there in less than 10 minutes after I called amazing service and just all-around good people to work with so I’ll definitely be using them again hopefully not that much but if I need it they will be the ones that I call!!!!!!! Thank you so very much.”
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William A.10/20/2016

“Prompt, helpful, knowledgeable service. I had lifted the toilet lid and a large water snake was in the bowl!!! But by the time Critter Ridder arrived, it was gone: back down the pipe. So we flushed, to speed it on its way, and hopefully it’s moved on.”
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Tina M. 3/26/2017

“What a fantastic company! I texted mike with a request about my rattlesnake problem and he called me back on a Sunday! He explained what I can do to help get rid of the snake myself and put up prevention to keep it away and never tried to push me into a consultation visit or to get into my purse at all unless I just had to have them come out! I am going to do the things he suggested, then if I can’t handle it he will gladly cone out and help me with it! Thank you Mike!! I will recommend your company to anybody that lives in the country!”
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Jessica Tennant9/21/2015

“Sunday I found a snake in my home. Small and young , doesn’t matter as I get paralyzed with snakes. I called Critter Ridder. The owner came out on a Sunday even though he didn’t have to and searched. Came back the next day and brought me special sticky boards. The snake came back and I was prepared. THANK YOU SO MUCH for helping me and giving me a plan if he returned. He also taught me how to free the snake and I did that. Snake lived and is no longer in my home. HUGE PIECE OF MIND!!! I can’t thank him enough!! CLIENT FOR LIFE!!”
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Evil D.11/3/2015

“So due to recent rains I found an unwanted guest in my garage. A snake had wrapped itself around the rail of my garage door. I called around various places early in the morning (around 8:20 AM) and Mike from Critter Ridder was one of the few that actually picked up the phone. I told him my situation and he said he wouldn’t be able to get to it until closer to 11:00 but asked for photos of the snake. I sent him rather dimly lit photos of my guest and from my poor photos Mike thought it may possible be venomous. He immediately calls me back, though he couldn’t be sure from my pictures, he encouraged me to see if i could find anyone to come out to take care of it as soon as possible. He was willing to give up business to ensure my safety. In the end I couldn’t book anyone else as it seems every other resident in Austin was dealing with snakes at the time. Mike was able to come out and quickly remove the snake and it turned out to be just a large rat snake.

In any case, I have much respect for the way Mike conducts business and would recommend him to anyone looking for snake removal in a heartbeat.”
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Verda T.6/6/2015

“Spoke to Mike through various conversations and he was very helpful and making suggestions on how to get rid of the rat snake in my garage as well as preventing more snakes or anything else from entering. I would recommend Critter Ridders to anyone who needs advice on getting rid of the snake or using their service to come out and handle the hard work for you”
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