Squirrels are not your typical form of cute wildlife. They must chew to keep their sharp teeth worn down, and they will happily gnaw through your wood flooring, electrical wires, attic insulation, crawl spaces, and more. Squirrels can also damage your home’s exterior by chewing siding to gain inside access. These pesky fiends are noisy, smelly, and can cause serious issues in your home.

In Texas, squirrels can be found in almost any yard. They’re cute, they’re furry, and they are all around entertaining to watch. However, appearances can be deceptive. If squirrels are causing issues on your property, call our animal removal experts at Critter Ridder today!

Squirrels can become a problem when they suddenly decide to get inside your house. They are resourceful, and can be incredibly destructive if they decide to set up permanent residence in your home, attic, or garage. To a feisty squirrel, a warm and comfortable attic or isolated room represents prime real estate. There, they can mate, and begin to make nests inside your very own home.

For their nests, squirrels will shred any soft products you have available. This can include toilet paper, paper towels, newspapers, attic insulation, and more. Squirrels are able to literally destroy a mattress by tearing out stuffing and scattering the remains into packed away corners for later. They are also capable of tearing apart your expensive couch for bits of padding for their nests.

The attic is an ideal place for squirrels to nest in. It has minimal visibility to predators, keeps warm for the winter, and is safe to nurse baby squirrels from the harsh elements outside. Once the babies are born, both the mother and the babies will remain in the attic until the babies are mature enough to make it outside on their own.

Squirrels will not generally attack you, but if they feel threatened they can bite and scratch. In older homes, squirrels that chew through wiring have been known to cause a house fire. Newer homes have electrical wiring encased in plastic pipes that cannot damage as easily, but speaker wires, telephone, and cable wiring still pose a risk.

When a squirrel decides to make your home his new residence, there are health risks. Most squirrels are not carriers of serious disease, but it’s still wise to treat all squirrels cautiously just in case. They can also introduce other health threats—including fleas, ticks, and Tetanus.

Another risk in older homes is insulation containing asbestos. Squirrel damaged insulation may release asbestos particles into the air, which can expose the home’s occupants to harmful asbestos inhalation. Squirrels can also gnaw holes in your home’s eaves or archways. These holes may contribute to water damage and eventually cause mold growth. Black mold can be quite hazardous and requires professional assistance in removing. With that said, it is vital that you call the professionals at Critter Ridder immediately if you are in need of squirrel removal!

Things To Avoid and What To Look For

While Critter Ridder is more than happy to deal with any sort of squirrel removal problems, there are steps you can take so you don’t have to call us. With a little bit of planning, preparation, and practical application, squirrels will have no reason to go into your yard.

First, you need to move anything that might attract squirrels. That means constant yard maintenance, including removal of twigs, loose grass, and anything else that might be used to build a nest. Additionally, as nice as bird feeders are, they are also a squirrel magnet. By getting rid of a bird feeder, you will virtually eliminate any presence from squirrels.

Next, you’ll have to keep a vigilant eye out for any potential squirrel activity. While this includes the obvious squirrel sighting, you should also keep an eye out for the following signs:

Dirt Mounds

Worn Wood Siding

Missing Fruits and Vegetables

Collections of Twigs in Trees

Unusual Scarring on Trees

Some of these signs are very subtle, so it requires a keen eye. Fortunately, Critter Ridder technicians have the knowledge and experience to spot signs of squirrel habitation. With the help of one of our experts, you should be able to prevent any further squirrel activity. Call Critter Ridder in Austin today!

In order to better prepare yourself for squirrels in or near your property, it’s important to know some basic facts about squirrels. By educating yourself about this furry felon, you can keep your eyes out for signs of those less than desirable rodents. The average squirrel can vary in size. Squirrels can be as small as eight inches long or they can grow to almost two feet in length. Typical squirrels can weigh up to a pound and a half as an adult. Squirrels have a lifespan of six years. They also tend to mate twice a year.

Squirrels have a very particular diet. Instead of eating grass like other animals, squirrels will hoard mostly nuts and berries. On occasion, they have been known to eat fruits and mushrooms. The reasons squirrels eat these items is that they do not possess cellulose as found in green plants. Squirrel metabolism doesn’t allow for the great digestion of greens, which is why they are predisposed to the diet they have. Only in real emergencies have squirrels been forced to eat grass, twigs, and other plant life.

Most squirrels are not carriers of dangerous disease, however, you should treat any animal stuck in your home with extreme caution. If a squirrel is in your home take these steps to ensure that you and the animal remain safe.

Put pets outside, or in a separate room. Dogs and cats can make the squirrel stressed, potentially escalating the situation.

Open up doors or windows. You should create a safe and direct escape route for the animal to escape from your home.

Do not corner the animal. Animals that are stuck in confined spaces can lash out in aggression to get out of the situation.

Give the squirrel some space. If you’re watching over it, it will remain defensive. Give it time to calm down, and move outside.

Do not coax the animal with food. You don’t want the squirrel to form the habit of coming back to your home in search for food.

Do not do anything you are uncomfortable with. If you are uncomfortable with handling an animal, contact an animal removal expert. We at Critter Ridder will remove the animal safely to ensure that both you and the squirrel are not injured. Call our team of experts today!

We Are The Squirrel Removal Experts

Unlike rats, mice, or other rodents, squirrels cannot easily be trapped. Squirrels are prone to store their food, eliminating the need for much foraging. Because of this, it is much more difficult to find them searching for food. This simple task makes the job of removing squirrels that much more difficult. Additional strategies are needed, which is where the services of a squirrel removal company come in. If you are struggling with squirrel control on your property, give our experts a call today at Critter Ridder!

We also utilize humane methods in order to force squirrels from their home. Utilizing specialty tools, we’re able to make the squirrels leave on their own volition. Once they’re gone, we seal up any exposed entry way, making sure they never enter your home again. We want to make sure that the animals are okay and your home is okay, too. Call our squirrel removal experts today for a free estimate!

We guarantee that squirrels, as well as any other creatures, will stay out of your home after a Critter Ridder job is done. For more details, see our exclusion services for tile, composite, and metal roofs as well as crawl spaces, decks, and sheds.

We have been in the animal removal business since 2001. Since then, we’ve seen and done a lot of different animal removals. Some of them were very simple, routine removals. Some of them were very atypical, difficult removals. We’ve had a diverse range of jobs that have prepared us for almost anything that is thrown our way. In order to trap and remove animals safely and thoroughly, we’ve had to think outside of the box.

Critter Ridder employs trained personnel to humanely and compassionately remove squirrels from your home. We use effective techniques to keep the squirrels from coming back into your home to visit. Critter Ridder also offers attic restoration services to safely clean and decontaminate the mess left in your home.

Dealing with a squirrel infestation can be overwhelming, but the professionals at Critter Ridder will work with you to resolve your squirrel troubles. We want your home to make it out of this small battle intact. Don’t wait until the last possible minute. Deal with the problem head on before the damage to your home becomes irreparable. Contact Critter Ridder today for a free estimate. Get the peace of mind that you deserve!

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