An unfinished house attic.

Animals get in attics. Critter Ridder takes care of so many cases where, somehow, an animal, flying or otherwise, has gotten into an attic. It’s much more common than you would think, yet people still get surprised when it happens. We can’t blame you. It’s not very often that we’re face to face with a bat or some other wild animal in our own homes. You still need to be educated on what can happen if you find animals in the attic.

1. Torn up insulation
Once you open the door up into your attic, you see the damage: hundreds of pieces of insulation strewn all over your attic. Now you will have to re-insulate your attic in order to prevent hot or cold temperatures from escaping. This affects not only your temperature, but man hours spent on fixing the issue as well as your money.

2. Frayed wire
If an animal has gotten inside of your attic, your electric wiring could be in danger. Animals can wriggle their way into your wiring and claw, gnaw, or rip out any loose or visible wiring in the attic. If they sever a connection, it could be days before an electrician can find where exactly the wiring was cut. After this, the wiring would need to get reconnected or, worse, you may need to replace the system.

3. Exposed foundation
Animals in the attic could mean a piece of exposed wall foundation. With enough tenacity, many animals can work their way through the toughest materials. This may mean an entire overhaul of your home in order to critter proof it. Furthermore, any heating or cooling would escape from the exposure, making your energy bills rise until it’s repaired. Lost resources and lost money could happen.

4. They get inside your home.
It’s one thing for animals in the attic to damage everything. It’s another thing if you’re eating cereal and a raccoon suddenly walks downstairs to join you. If an animal can get into your attic, an animal can most certainly get into other parts of your home, creating more problems for you and your family. If they’re able to get into your home, the damage they can cause could be catastrophic.

While a lot of danger can happen if an animal gets in your attic, there are also many ways that you can prevent that from happening. Critter Ridder has a previous article that can help keep animals out of your attic. By educating yourself, this should keep those animals from getting in your attic.