Critter Ridder takes a lot of pride in its work. When we hear that you’re still having issues with animals, we take it personally. That’s why we offer a one year warranty on our services. We want to make sure that, once pests are gone, they stay gone.

We’ve been in the animal control business since 2001. Since then, our company has seen a lot of things, including some stories you will never believe. That’s why we firmly believe in the power of the warranty. Our one year warranty covers any services that may be provided by Critter Ridder.

In order to figure out the specifics of the warranty provided by Critter Ridder, simply download the PDF on this page and read over. If there are any questions, comments, or concerns regarding the warranty, contact us at 512-256-3253 to speak with a qualified representative. From there, the representative will make sure that the terms and conditions of the warranty are understood for you.

Above all, we want to make sure that your Critter Ridder experience is up to your expectation. That’s why we will go above and beyond to assure that your needs have been completely and totally satisfied.