As cold weather hits the central Texas region, Critter Ridder has been inundated with calls about critter infestations. Many Austin homeowners throughout the winter months have found themselves hosts to a variety of rodents and animals. We had the opportunity to speak with CBS Austin about the influx of rodent infestation calls.

Common Winter Animal Infestations

Rats and mice are the most common animals that will seek a warm environment during the winter. Squirrels and larger rodents like opossums, raccoons, and ringtail cats also tend to nest in the winter months but are less affected by low temperatures.

Issues With Winter Animal Infestations

Rodents tend to also seek shelter during the winter months to give birth and early care for their young. As a rodent creates a nest in your home it will cause damage to insulation, wiring, structural beams and walls, and can even cause biohazard damage with feces and urine buildup.

Winter Animal Infestation Prevention

Small rodents like mice and rats can find a way into your home through entry points as small as a half of an inch wide. The best way to deter animals from entering into your home is to make it secure through caulking and covering up holes and gaps.

Critter Ridder Texas offers prevention and exclusion services that identify and eliminate any possible and active entry points. Having served the Austin area for over 10 years, we know exactly what to look for with possible home entry points.

Need Animal Removal or Exclusion Services?

If you are hearing strange sounds or smelling strange scents coming from within your home, Critter Ridder is here to help. We offer animal removal services that leaves both you and the critters safe. Contact Critter Ridder today!