A skunk outside in the grass during daytime.

Skunks are animals that have a very distinctive look and are one of the most outstanding animals in the world. A skunk’s full black body and white stripe down its back is full warning to everyone close by. These animals are unlike other animals that need to camouflage themselves because they have a very deadly defense mechanism. The spray that skunks release can go as far as 15 feet, which means that skunk removal becomes an imminent procedure if one gets into your home, business or even your yard.

A skunk’s scent is so deadly, it causes blindness, temporarily and because most people are afraid of this odor, skunks will traipse around as if they own the place. These little creatures also scare easily and as such, it is recommended that you hire an expert skunk removal company such as Critter Ridder to take care of your skunk problem.


If you have one or more skunks in your home, attic, or garage, the reason for removal likely seems rather obvious. However, many people don’t understand why it’s important to remove a skunk from their yard. The common belief is that as long as the skunk is left alone, there won’t be a problem. But in actuality skunks can be dangerous even if they’re only in your yard.

For those who have children and pets skunk removal is even more important. While an adult may be able to see a skunk and know to avoid it, a child or a pet will likely not have that ability. Pets can accidentally sneak up on skunks in the yard, and children may mistake the skunks for another pet and try to play with them. In both cases your pet or child could be sprayed by the skunk, which can cause a wide range of problems. Because the spray from a skunk is so vile it can cause pets to foam at the mouth, have mucus coming from the eyes, and can harm the lungs, eyes, nose, and other organs of small children and pets alike. Additionally, the spray from a skunk has an incredibly strong and horrid smell that will linger for days if not weeks. In some cases, you may even need to have professionals come in and rid your home of the odor if a pet or child was sprayed outside and then came back in the house.

Health and safety are the main concerns, however, and in order to protect children, pets, and other adults in your home it is important to contact us if you have skunks in your yard.


If you choose to allow skunks to remain in your home, yard, or attic, several things can happen.
Skunks leave their feces, urine, and spray in an area they occupy. That means if your attic, for instance, is the home of a skunk now, even if that skunk leaves it will attract more skunks. The smell and bacteria left behind can also cause health and safety issues.

Skunks breed, and if they have babies in your home or yard it will be an even worse problem.
Skunks can ruin air conditioning ducts, drywall, insulation, and other fixtures of your home. They can also dig up pipes or underground sprinkling in your yard. Not removing skunks right away will likely cause you to have to spend a lot of money on repairs in the future.

These are just a few of the things that can occur if you do not remove skunks from your property as soon as you realize they are there. Skunks can be startled very easily, and if they spray anywhere in your attic, yard, basement, or other area of your home or business, it can and will take over the entire home or building, leaving you with a very toxic smell that is hard to get rid of.
We remove skunks humanely without startling them, we never kill animals in order to remove them, and we’ll seal your home so they don’t come back. Take care of the problem quickly to avoid costly repairs in the future.

At Critter Ridder, we have trained professionals who are experienced in skunk removal. Our highly trained experts will eradicate the skunks from your premises without scaring them and causing them to go into defense mode. We will also perform our exclusion service and seal all entrance; preventing future intrusions and problems.

What To Do If A skunk Is Inside

Skunks will defend themselves use their toxic smelling spray if threatened, so you should practice extreme caution when approaching a skunk. If there is a skunk in your home, use this guide to ensure that both you and the animal remain safe.

    • Remove any pets you have from the situation. If your pet’s approach the skunk it is very likely that they will be sprayed. If you want to avoid giving your pet tomato baths, you should place them in a separate room than the skunk.
    • Open up doors. You should give the skunk a proper way to escape from your home safely.
    • Give the skunk some space to move our of your home safely. When you are in the same room as the skunk it will remain in a defensive state and will not make any movements towards escaping.
    • Do not approach the animal if you are not comfortable. Skunks will defend themselves with their spray and can also bite if handled aggressively. If you are uncomfortable or do not want to be subject to the stench, we at Critter Ridder will be able to remove the animal safely from your home.

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